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Call 1-800-366-7040  9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST (Monday-Friday)

or email anytime: info@butterscotchblankees.com  ( we will reply within 24 hours)

All Butterscotch Blankees knit items are Handcrafted, made to order, one at a time. Your order will be knit by one of our knitters that have many years of experience in handcrafted, personalized knits.  We us only high quality yarns, that are hand dyed for us, in our unique colors.

Orders: FAQ's Terms & Condition's    Please read this FAQ's Page & the Product Description under chosen Design, prior to placing your order.  If you experience any problems while trying to place an order, please email or call prior to placing your order.  (Wholesale accounts, please see bottom of this page for futher information).

** **Our system is automated, meaning once you submit the order online we cannot make changes, or add on to the order.  Our system does not allow for us to change designs that are submitted.  Our system does not store your credit card information and therefore we cannot add on to an existing order (this includes gift wrapping).  When placing an order, review your order thoroughly on the Review page, all orders are final/no changes, once you click submit order.   No cancellations once order is in production.** ** (Once an order is in production we cannot take any cancellations, however, if within 24 hours of placing an order, and production has not been started, we may be able to cancel the order (entire order must be cancelled), but no guarantees.  Rush Order are sent to production immediately and therefore no changes or cancellations can be made once order is submitted online.

Please read each designs Product Description: In order to minimize errors:   Enter/Type name, initials, or monogram according to description, and/or case selection, i.e. if description states all lowercase letters only, then please enter the name in all lowercase letters. Or if description states all uppercase, then enter the name or initials in all uppercase (see more below).

****Designs, Lettering , Placement & Spacing are at the discretion of our trained knitters for Butterscotch Blankees)****(see below for explanation)

While we strive to accommodate all names, we do have some guidelines due to the allowable space, as the Names are knit directly onto each design: All Designs are  1 (one) Name only, up to 8 letters allowed on all knit items (Scarfs & Pillows - we may only be able to accommodate up to 6 letters depending on the name).   

**One (1) Name Only means: up to 8 letters , no 2 names even if the total number of letters equals 8, no spaces between names.               No 2 capitol letters in one name - mixed case.  (If a name with 2 Capitol letters is entered, we will by default do the first letter Capitol and all remaining letters lowercase)

If Product Description states Name:, 1 Name can be up to 8 letters. If 2 names are entered on order, we will by default change the order and only put the first name listed. 

If Product Description states Initials: Initials will be placed in the order you have entered (not in monogram form).  

If Product Description states Initial: this means we only can use One (1) initial on that particular design.  If more than 1 Initial is entered on order, we will by default change the order and only put the first initial entered. 

If Product Description states Monograms: Monograms are always all uppercase, First, Last, Middle initials, with the center letter (last name) larger than the first and middle initial,(with exception of the Poncho, and Stacked Monogram, Monogram is First, Middle, Last). In order to minimize mistakes, Please enter/type the monogram, and/or initials in all Capitol Letters on the order (please do no use lowercase letters).  

Some designs are "As Shown" on sample, with no font or characterization choice, please type the name according to description.

As a suggestion, Script Fonts such as Amelia, and Corintha do not look good in All Uppercase.

Name and characterization entered on order form will be defaulted to above specifications,and will automatically be changed on the order without email notification.  Check your order carefully, Read the Product Description on how names, initials and monograms should be entered/typed.  If you have a questions regarding the personalization on your order, please email us prior to placing your order.

YARN DYE LOTS:  We do not guarantee dye lots on any of our colors, or items within the same order (See bottom of page for Dye Lot Explanation) ( Pillows, hats and blankets can be shipped from different locations). This means that if you order for example a hat, or pillow, and a blanket, the colors can vary slightly, due to different knitters not having the exact same dye lot of yarn. We therefore, cannot guarantee the same dye lot of yarn will be used.  If you are one of our wholesalers, and have sample items, be aware that colors on orders taken may not be the exact colors as on your samples due to different dye lots. Acrylic Yarn Colors do not match Cashmere Yarn Colors.  We do not remake items due to dye lot differences.   Please be aware that different color combinations can make colors look different. Colors choices may look different on final product, as not all monitors show colors the same.

Please choose your colors carefully, Note on the product description of each design, that we will not use Pale Pink with White or Off white, choose Med. Pink.  If you enter Pale Pink we will by default change it to Med. Pink.  **Be aware of your color choices on Low Contrast Colors, for example:  Med. Pink with White or Off White , White with Off White, Pale Yellow with White or Off White, Fushia with Mulberry, are  low contrast color combinations and designs and names may not show as well as the samples (We do not remake an item because of low contrast color choices) .  

A note regarding color selections:  When selecting colors from the Color Palette, Please do not make a color selection from the palette and then in the comments area ask that colors be changed to a color that is not an available choice. Some colors shown on samples may no longer be  available for color selection from our color palette as they have been discontiuned. Our system is an automated system and knitters only see the color choices that are selected from the palette.  If you experience problems selecting a color, please call us before placing an order.

All sizes are approximate, and can vary slightly due to different design, color combinations, dye lots, and yarn spinning. Because all our knit items are HANDCRAFTED, individually, one at a time, all sizes and measurements listed are APPROXIMATE.

HATS:  Please keep in mind the names on hats.  even though we can accommodate up to 8 letters, longer names will wrap around the brim of the hat, especially on the small size.  Different color combinations can result in items varying in size slightly(up to 1") due to dyes or spinning (Heathered and Dark Base Colors tend to knit slightly smaller/tighter due to the way the yarns are spun and dyed).  This means, for example, an order with 2 hats, in 2 different color combinations, but ordered the same size, can measure differently.  This does not mean they are 2 different sizes. Earflap hats run slightly smaller than Regular Hats.

BLANKETS:  Different color combinations can result in items varying in size slightly (up to 1") due to dyes or spinning (Heathered and Dark Base Colors tend to knit slightly smaller/tighter due they way they are spun and dyed).  

Lettering and placement for your blankets may look different than what is shown on the examples, this is due to the number and particular letters in your chosen name. Letters like "l" and "i" are narrow, while letter "a", "o", and "m"  & "w" are wider.  

 We can not use special characters such as quotation marks, periods, dashes, accent marks, number, "&", etc. (with exception where indicated on designs) .  

Problem on Orders  --  If there is a problem with your order, we will email you alerting to what the problem is.   If the problem indicated is for example,  entering a name where we only use initials, Our system does not allow us to change the chosen design once the order has been placed,  Our only option is to change the name to initials or to cancel the entire order and have you re-order  with the correct information.  We do not send an email for low contrast color choices.   (Please check your Spam box for emails).   If we do not receive a reply within 1 day of our email, we will proceed with the order at our descretion and put into production.

All orders are custom/handcrafted, made one at a time.  Orders ship on the below schedule, ( although exceptions may apply during peak season time,  and are not guaranteed after cut of dates).  (Exception may apply during peak time -- Placing several 1-2 items in one day, and shipping to same address will be calculated on total number of pieces ordered.)  Dates shown on order will be as close estimation of shipping date, but are not guaranteed.  Orders can ship earlier than stated time, but for a guaranteed ship date, please select one of the Rush Fees.

1-2 items - on or before 12-14 business days from date of order   (with up to 3 Business days travel time in U.S.A. only).
3 items - on or before 15-20 business days
4-5 items - on or before 20-25 business days
6-7 items- on or before  25-30 business days
8 + items - on or before 30+ business days or more depending on total amount of items

1 ship to address per order. Multiply shipping addresses: each address will need a separate order.

 RUSH FEE (must be selected when placing order & not available on Special Sale items) 

Rush A items shipped within 10 Business days is $25.00 (each item) via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A. only.

Rush B item shipped Within 4 Business days is $35.00 (each item) via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A.only.                                                                                                                                                                 (Please select one of these Rush Fees if you want a guaranteed ship date)  

 Holiday Ordering - Rush Fee Not applicable during the peak Holiday times and will not be available for selection. Exceptions on shipping may apply during peak Holiday times.  Dates shown on order will be a close estimation of shipping date, but are not guaranteed.   We will display on our home page the cut off date for Holiday Delivery.  After that date we cannot guarantee delivery for the Holidays. 

Special Sale items can take up to approx. 15-30 business days to ship.  This includes any Sales where a coupon code is entered for a specific sale, like Cyber Monday, Black Friday.   Sales with coupon codes are for Direct Retail Customers only.     

To see what date your order will ship, Login to your Account, Click on Notes, this will show what your ship date will be.  

 Orders are sent into production as soon as they are submitted online in order for us to maintain shipping times. 

 Shipping, Handling, & Tracker Information

We ship the most economical way, using the USPS Priority Mail for all shipping  (with the exception of the 20x20 pillows, they are shipped Parcel Select due to their size). Shipping costs are calculated by quantity. All shipping costs are added at checkout.  Different items (i.e. blanket pillows, & hat) on 1 order may be shipped from different locations, and can ship at different times, but will all be shipped  within the normal Business Days allowed on order. Tracker numbers can be entered on our system up to 4 days prior to actual shipping, and/or as late as the 2 business day after the order has shipped (if an order ships out on a Thursday or Friday, trackers may not be entered until the following Monday or Tuesday).  Tracker shipping numbers are emailed automatically (to email given on your account) once the tracker information is entered into our system. (Please check your Spam box)

Shipping Charges for USPS Priority Mail Shipping & Handling ($50 insurance included)
1 item is $10.00 in U.S.A. only.
2-3 items is $14.00 in U.S.A. only.
4-5 items is $20.00 in U.S.A. only.
6+ items is $26.00 in U.S.A. only.

Delivery - Once you receive your tracker confirmation be sure to check that your order was delivery if you are having us drop ship to a recipient. All items are shipped with the Standard $50 insurance.  If you require more insurance you must email us so that we can bill you for the extra insurance.  We do not ship packages with a Signature Required (with the exception of Cashmere Blankets).  If you would like a Signature Required on your shipment, please email or call us requesting this.  Any correspondence regarding extra services must include your credit card information and cv code, as we do not store this information.

If we have a tracker number with no delivery confirmation and you inform us that the order was NOT received we will start a claim with USPS. You must notify us if your order was not received within 30 days from ship date/tracker number in order for us to file a claim with USPS. However, if we have a Confirmed Delivery Confirmation, USPS will NOT allow a claim to be filed. You will need to contact your local USPS office with your tracker number. Due to the nature of our production being personalized, made to order, we do not automatically remake and ship a new item if the package seems to be lost in shipment.  We will make every attempt to help locate the package with USPS.

If tracker information shows that USPS Attempted Delivery and a Notice was left, your recipient must contact the USPS to schedule re-delivery or pick up the item within 15 Business Days or the shipment will be returned to Butterscotch Blankees (this can take up to 30 Business Days to be returned to us) You may want to inform your recipient that a package is coming, so if a shipment notice is left they will need to pick it up or schedule a re-delivery.  NOTE: All Cashmere orders are shipped Signature Required. You may want to inform your recipient of this, if we are drop shipping your order.  Butterscotch Blankees will not remake an order where a notice is left by USPS to pick up or to re-schedule a delivery and shipment is not claimed. We will need to wait until shipment is returned to us and arrangements can be then made for reshipment.  Butterscotch Blankees is not responsible for delays due to USPS leaving a notice and the shipment is not Picked-up or Re-schedule of delivery (even if a Rush Fee was paid). 

 Butterscotch Blankees is not responsible for delay in travel time due to circumstances with USPS delivery, Notice of Attempted Delivery not Picked-up or Re-scheduled, nor USPS tracking information not updating on their system.                                         

International Shipping        International packages are shipped International First Class through the USPS.  We ship this way in order to charge a more economical shipping cost.  Please be aware that travel time can be up to 2-3 weeks (in business days).   Tracking numbers will show when package was shipped, and then yhe last US sort Facility, but not further information will be available once it leaves the US and enters into customs. We do not have any further information than what is shown on the USPS website tracking once the package leaves the US.   You may request international Priority Shipping with tracking through other countries at a charge of $45 (or more depending on the items destination and size).  You will need to call our 800 number to have the added postage charged to your order.  No guarantee on delivery time on International shipments, as customs can hold packages up to 10 or more days.                                                                                                                                                                        

Gift-Wrapping/Card Message/Packing Slips   Gift packaging is Butterscotch cello paper, tied with brown ribbon on the ends, Cost is $5.00 per item.  Click "Add Gift Wrapping" link at checkout to have your item Gift wrapped. Gift wrapping must be selected at checkout and cannot be added once order is submitted.   Card Message (limited to 160 characters) is included on packing slip, shown as you have entered it online. The packing slips enclosed with the shipment, contains no price information.   International shipments cannot be gift wrapped do to customs regulations.

Address Changes and/or Corrections - Reship Fee
Once orders are submitted to production we can not make any address shipping changes as our system is automated and shipping labels are printed and paid for at time order is placed.  We charge an address correction fee of $10 on orders that we cannot print shipping labels via the USPS due to non-deliverable addresses that are submitted on order. . We charge a reship fee of $10.00 for each order that is returned to us as undeliverable.  You will be notified of the return, and if the item was returned to us due to being unclaimed (a notice was left and the item was not picked up or rescheduled for redelivery) or inccorrect address,  you will need to call or email your credit card information, as we do not store this, and pay prior to us reshipping it the item back out.

Return/Remake Order Policy
Due to the nature of our products, we do NOT accept returns, refunds or exchanges on personalized items, unless we have made a mistake. Remakes are for mis-spelling, reversed colors, or wrong design. If we have mis-spelled the name, please provide the Order Number, the name on the order, and the mis-spelled name(wrong name)you received ( a picture would be very helpful if possible).   Remakes due to color mistakes are remade in the same colors ordered, no colors changes. Remakes for orders which we have made an error on are generally reshipped within 4 business days. If an item is returned to us, we reserve the right to repair, or remake.  Please check your order once received, as we will only honor remake for orders we have made a mistake on 30 Days after delivery.   We do not remake an item because of low contrast color choices, ( see above: Med. Pink with White or Off White , White with Off White, Pale Yellow with White or Off White are low contrast color combinations and designs and names may not show as well as the samples.  It is not the responsibility of Butterscotch Blankees to inform you that you have chosen low contrast color combinations),  or for the lettering placement or spacing (see below).   

As with any fine quality knit item,  we can not guarantee our knit items against yarn snags/pulls, pilling due to not washing separately (see below under Care Instructions), or fuzzing due to items being stuck to them, such as Velcro from bibs, diaper tabs, car-seat straps, etc.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to email or call us.

 Care Instructions/Yarns                                                                                                                                                                                           100% Acrylic - Wash separately in Cold water, dry on low delicate heat, remove promptly.  (Note that some items in Heathered/Darker Colors may seem rough upon arrival, these will soften after laundering.)  

Cashmere - Hand Wash or Dry Clean for best results, or Machine Wash separately in Cold Water, on Delicate/Hand Wash Cycle. Dry on low delicate heat, until almost dry. Remove promptly.  Our 100% Cashmere Yarns are hand dyed. Cashmere can have the characteristic of lighter and darker areas, which means there can be a slight variation of color through out the yarn.  This does not mean this is an inprefection in the yarn. This is the nature of hand dyed.

Use Fabric Softener sparingly on both Acrylic and Cashmere.  While Fabric Softeners can make knit items feel soft, overtime they can build up on the fibers.

**Butterscotch Blankees is not responsible for items due to improper laundering**  Items will not be remade due to improper laundering.

****Designs, Lettering and Placement are at the discretion of our trained knitters for Butterscotch Blankees****  Designs, lettering, and placement can look slightly different from what the sample pictures looks like on our site.  Lettering should not be compared from one sample design to another as lettering can be different in size on each design.  Our graphing software tells us how the letter should be knit on to the design.  We do not remake an items for lettering, unless it is the wrong letter.  

****Wholesale Accounts - We would appreciate if you would, Please make sure to enter Your Name and Company Name in the Billing Details, not your customers information, so that we know who the wholesale account belongs to****

***Some Pictures shown on our site may be from Designs that may have been dicountinued and are for representation only.  Please refer to Product Description on each Design as to allowable name or monogram.  Pictures on our website may be slightly enhanced  (close-up) to show the detail.  Designs and/or Name may very slightly.***

***  Some colors shown on samples may no longer be  available for color selection from our color palette as they have been discontiued.

Dye Lot Explanation:  All yarn has a dye lot number. Yarns are dyed in batches. When a batch is dyed, the dye lot number is assigned. When the next batch is dyed, a new dye lot number is assigned. Even though the same dyes are used, there may be color variations.  If you have one of our color card, or sample blankets (wholesale accounts), this means that the samples that are on your cards or sample blankets, may vary due to dye lot changes.




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