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All orders are custom/handcrafted, made one at a time.  Orders ship on the below schedule,  although exceptions may apply during peak times.  

1-2 items - on or before 12-14 business days from date of order   (with up to 3 Business days travel time in U.S.A. only).
3 items - on or before 15-20 business days
4-5 items - on or before 20-25 business days
6-7 items- on or before  25 business days
8 + items - on or before 30 business days or more depending on total amount of items  

Special Sale items can take up to approx. 15-30 business days to ship.          

Please see NOTES on your order, when you login to your account, it will show the Estimated ship dates.  

We do not guarantee dye lots on all colors, or items within the same order.  Please be aware that different color combinations can make colors look different. Colors choices may look different on final product as not all monitors show colors the same.  All sizes are approximate, and can vary slightly due to different color combinations, and dye lots.

Because all our knit items are handcrafted indivdually, all sizes and measurements listed are APPROXIMATE. Different color combinations can result in items varying in size due to dyes or spinning.  This means, for example, that an order with 2 hats, in 2 different color combinations, but ordered the same size, can measure differently.  This does not mean they are 2 different sizes. Lettering and placement for your blankets may look different than what is shown on the examples, this is due to the number and particular letters in your choosen name. Letters like "l" and "i" are narrow, while letter "a", "o", and "m" are wider.  Lettering and placement are at the discretion of knitters for Butterscotch Blankees.

We can not use special characters such as quotation marks, periods, dashes, number, "&", etc. (with exception where indicated on blankets) .  Only 1 (one) name allowed on all knit items.

Orders are sent into production as soon as they are submitted online in order for us to maintain shipping times.  Please review your order before submitting.  As of 1/1/14 we no longer accept order changes once they are submitted online.  Please see below **


Shipping & Handling
We use the USPS for all shipping. Shipping costs are calculated by quantity. All shipping costs are calculated at checkout.  Different items (i.e. blanket & hat) on 1 order may be shipped from different locations, and can ship at different times, but will all be shipped  within the normal Business Days allowed on order. Tracker (s) shipping numbers will be emailed to you (on emailed given on your account) once your order is shipped.

Estimated Cost for USPS Priority Shipping & Handling
1 item is $10.00 in U.S.A. only.
2-3 items is $14.00 in U.S.A. only.
4-5 items is $20.00 in U.S.A. only.
6+ items is $26.00 in U.S.A. only.

1-2 items shipped in - on or before 12-14 Business Days via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A. only.
3 or more items shipped in - on or before 15-20 Business Days via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A. only.

4-5 items - on or before 20-25 business days
6-7 items- on or before  25 business days
8 + items - on or before 30 business days or more depending on total amount of items  

Rush A items shipped within 10 Business days is $25.00 (each item) via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A. only.

Rush B item shipped Within 4 Business days is $35.00 (each item) via USPS Priority Shipping (with up to 3 Business days travel time) in U.S.A.only.  (Please select this if you must have order by a specific date)  

Rush Fee Not applicable during the peak Holiday times. 

We are not responsible for delay in travel time due to circumstances with USPS delivery, nor USPS tracking information not updating on their system. 

Delivery  Once you receive your tracker confirmation be sure to check that your order was delivery if you are having us dropshipped to a receipent.    You must notify us if your order was not received within 30 days from ship date/tracker number in order for us to file a claim with USPS.   If we have a tracker number with a confirmed delivery and you tell us that the order was NOT received we will start a claim with USPS.  Orders will NOT be remade until at least 10 Business Days from delivery date have passed.                                                              

 International Shipping                                                                                                                                                                                     International packages are shipped International First Class through the USPS.  Tracking numbers will show when package was shipped, and then last US sort Facility, but not further information will be available once it leaves the US.  You may request international Priority Shipping with tracking throught other countries at a charge of $45.  You will need to call our 800 number to have the added postage charged to your account.  No guarantee on delivery time on International shipments, as customs can hold packages up to10 or more days.


Gift-Wrapping/Card Message                                                                                                                                                                   

Gift packaging is Butterscotch foil paper tied with brown ribbon on the ends, Cost is $5.00 per item.  Click "Add" link at checkout to have your item Gift wrapped. If Add Gift Wrapping is NOT selected at check-out please do not email us to add this option as we cannot add once the order is submitted.   Card Message is included on packing slip that containes no price information.  International shipments cannot be gift wrapped do to customs.

Address Corrections - Reship Fee
We charge an address correction fee of $10 on orders that we cannot print shipping labels via the USPS due to non-deliverable addresses that are submitted on order. Once orders are submitted to production we can not make any address shipping changes. We charge a reship fee of $10.00 for each order that is returned to us as undeliverable.  You will be notified of the return, you will need to call or email your credit card information, as we do not store this.

Return/Change Order Policy
Due to the nature of our products there are no returns/refunds or exchanges on personalized items, unless we have made a mistake. Remakes are for mis-spelling or colors being reversed.  Remakes for color reveresed are remade in the same colors, no colors changes.  Please check your order once recieved, as we will only honor remake for orders we have made a mistake on 30 Days after delivery.

**When placing an order, Review your order thoroughly, all orders are final/no changes, once submitted. As of 1/1/14 we no long accept changes on orders once submitted.    No cancellations once order is in production .  If we see there is a problem with your order, we will email you alerting to what the problem is.  If we do not receive an response within 3 days we will proceed with the order at our discrestion.

Care Instructions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Acrylic - Wash seperately in Cold water, dry on low delicate heat, remove promptly. 

Cashmere - Hand Wash or Dry Clean for best results, or Machine Wash seperately in Cold Water, on Delicate/Hand Wash Cycle. Dry on low delicate heat, until almost dry. Remove promptly.

**Butterscotch Blankees is not responsible for items due to improper laundering**


 ****Pictures on our website are enhanced slightly (close-up) to show the detail.*** ( ***Lettering and placement are at the discretion of our trained knitters for Butterscotch Blankees)****




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